Steel Types and Its Uses

Every Industry requires a piping system, for a smooth flow of fluid from one place to another. Different types of Pipes are available in the market which is used as per the needs and Functions. As the Industrial Sector is growing faster, the manufacturing process also needs to meet the needs of the Industry. As the demands increase the need for manufacturing industrial goods also increases.

v  Carbon Steel

Carbon steel mostly used for The flow of Fluid, used for Oil and gas Transmission and Ships is a type of steel that is dull, and comes with a matte finish that is comparable to a cast iron pot or iron fencing. 90% of total steel production accounts for carbon steel.  Carbon steel is created with a proportion of carbon added to iron. Carbon steel is generally inexpensive and is not suitable for handling high pressure. The advantages of carbon steel are that it has Strength, high ductility and is safe and durable.  Apart from this, carbon steel pipes don’t bend or Breaks.

v  Alloy Steel

Alloy steel is made with combining Carbon steel with other several alloy elements such as Copper, nickel, chromium, Aluminum, etc. This combination of various elements is used for making Alloy Steel.  Elements used for making alloy increase hardness increase corrosion resistance, increase strength, increases the ductility of the Steel. Elements used in making alloy steel differs from the elements used for making Carbon Steel.  Alloy steel is generally used in the piping industry because of its Toughness. Alloy steel pipes are designed according to the needs and it can be customized as per its requirements and functions.

v  Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, when finished, is as reflective as a Mirror. Stainless steel is lustrous and it does not rust. Manganese, Nickel, Silicon are some of the alloy used in making stainless Steel which also helps in preventing corrosion to the steel. As Stainless Steel includes chromium Oxide layer it is protected from Corrosion. Stainless Steel is preferred for many consumer products and is widely used in the construction site, ships, oil and gas industry, etc. Stainless Steel Available in Types 304/304L and 316/316L. The former is highly corrosion and strength resistant, while 314 L has low carbon content and can be subjected to welding.

All of the above-given types of Steel is used in the industry and other areas whenever required as per the Needs and Functions.


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