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Flanges Classification Based on Facing

What is a Flange?
“A flange is a device used to connect pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form a piping system. Usually, Flanges are welded or screwed. Flanges Provide easy access for cleaning, inspection and Modification. Flanges joints are made by bolting together two flanges with a gasket between them to provide a seal”.
What is a Flange Face?
A Flange face is basically the surface area which hosts the gaskets. To Avoid damage or to prevent leakage of the joint different Flange with different Face & different Gaskets are used. Flat Face, Raised Face, Male & Female, Ring Type joint, Tongue & Groove are some of the available flange face.

Male & Female (M&F)

Flanges must match in order to use this type of Flange. The Male Flange face is smoothly finished and is ¼ inchhigh. This Male Flange has an area that extends beyond the normal Flange whereas the female flange is also smoothly finished but is machined into its face. The Female Flange Face is 3/16 inch-Deep

8 Different Types of Stainless-Steel Flanges one Should Know About

The following are the top 8 stainless steel flanges used in stainless steel pipelines: SS Weld Neck Flanges: These flanges are distinguished by their protruding necks. The weld neck flanges have the same bevel & thickness of the pipe. This flange is considered for severe service conditions such as sub-zero or high temperatures & high pressure.SS Slip-On Flanges: These are the most affordable varieties of flanges available for purchase. The slip–on flanges have a slightly larger diameter than the pipe, which makes it easier to slip them over the pipe. These stainless steel flanges are fillet welded to a position & are ideal for low-pressure applications.SS Blind Flanges: The flanges are designed without a bore, & are used to seal vessel openings or piping systems. These flanges are ideal for piping systems or vessels that require regular inspection. The blind flanges can be supplied with or w…

Steel Types and Its Uses

Every Industry requires a piping system, for a smooth flow of fluid from one place to another. Different types of Pipes are available in the market which is used as per the needs and Functions. As the Industrial Sector is growing faster, the manufacturing process also needs to meet the needs of the Industry. As the demands increase the need for manufacturing industrial goods also increases.

Long Radius Pipes Manufacturer in India
vCarbon Steel

Carbon steel mostly used for The flow of Fluid, used for Oil and gas Transmission and Ships is a type of steel that is dull, and comes with a matte finish that is comparable to a cast iron pot or iron fencing. 90% of total steel production accounts for carbon steel.  Carbon steel is created with a proportion of carbon added to iron. Carbon steel is generally inexpensive and is not suitable for handling high pressure. The advantages of carbon steel are that it has Strength, high ductility and is safe and durable.  Apart from this, carbon steel pipes…