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What is Fastener?

Fastener, a main Hardware component is used almost everywhere, be it your Home Ceilings Installation or your door hinge, be it a machinery or an Infrastructure all items will require Fasteners to Fix them all. We mainly use a fastener for a non-permanent joint, a joint that can be removed or dismantled without causing any damage to the joining components. There are a variety of Fastener available in the market each of them used for a specific reason and according to the need.
List of Materials used in Manufacturing a Fastener ·Stainless Steel ·Carbon Steel ·Alloys Steel ·Titanium ·Aluminum ·Inconel Steel
From all the above given materials, certain types of Coatings are also provided to the fastener in order to Improve its Performance. Coating helps in improving the Fastener performance and making it Corrosion Resistance. Some of the Coatings Applied to the Fasteners are ·Zinc Plating
·Chromium Plating ·Silver Plating ·Nickel Plating ·Phosphate Plating ·Cadmium plating
Types of Faste…

Buy Stainless Steel 304 Flanges maharashtra mumbai India

The Stainless Steel 304 Flanges, abbreviated as WNF, is a flange type that is usually used with pipes, as contrasting to pressure vessels. The design of the flange permits for a full penetration weld at its base where it attaches to the pipe. This weld can be X-ray inspected for quality control.
Stainless Steel 310 Flanges comes in two types, regular and long. The hub of the weld neck is calculated to reduce the stress at the base of the flange. Regular weld neck flanges are used with buttweld fittings and connecting two pieces of pipe composed. Long weld neck flanges are usually used with apparatus and vessel nozzles. A long weld neck flange is rarely used with the pipe.
Both types of flanges are bored to tie the inside diameter of the pipe or fitting to which it will be welded to. However, if the bore does not match, the inner width can be ground out to match the greater bore pipe. Stainless Steel 304 Flanges are appropriate where high pressure, extreme temperatures, shear influence…