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The distinction between them is that the length and curvature. ... in an exceedingly long radius elbow, the radius of curvature is one.5 times the nominal diameter. in an exceedingly normal elbow, the radius of curvature is one.0 times the nominal diameter of the pipe. Long radius elbows offer less resistance to the fluid than the short elbows.

The Elbow is employed quite the other pipe fittings. Provides flexibility to vary the pipe direction. Elbow primarily accessible in 2 normal sorts 90° and 45°. However, it is often moving the other degree. Elbows area unit accessible in 2 radius sorts, Short radius (1D) and Long Radius (1.5D).

90 Degree Elbow Pipe

90 Degree elbow is put in between the pipe to alter the direction of the pipe by ninety Degree. on the market in long and short radius kind.

45 Degree Elbow

45 Degree elbow is put in between the pipe to alter the direction of the pipe by forty-five Degree.

Long Radius Elbow
In long radius elbow, centerline radius is one.5 times the nominal size of the pipe otherwise you will say one.5 times the diameter of the pipe. commonly long radius elbows square measure employed in piping as pressure loss is a smaller amount as compared to short radius elbow. It needed extra space than short radius elbow.

Short Radius Elbow
In short radius elbow, centerline radius is the same because the nominal size of the pipe otherwise you will say one times the diameter of the pipe. Short radius elbows are used underneath the restricted area application. However, it's an aggressive drop because of an explosive modification within the direction of flow.

Reducing Elbow

The ninety reducing elbows is intended to vary direction furthermore as scale back the scale of pipe at intervals a piping system. The reducing elbow eliminates one pipe fitting and reduces the fastening by over tierce. Also, the gradual reduction in diameter throughout the arc of the reducing elbow provides lower resistance to flow and reduces the impact of stream turbulence and potential internal erosion. These options stop sizeable pressure drops within the line.

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